Friday, 23 May 2014

Two kinds of space

I've been quiet but I'm feeling gradually noisier of late.

Not to get too personal but sincere gratitude to all those of you who have been, and remain there for me, both at the frontline and/or quietly being there in the background.

As a way back  I'm looking through some notebooks and found these quotes. Thanks to L for these.

From  Camus'

The Sea Close By 

"Without space there is neither innocence nor liberty! When a man cannot breath, prison means death or madness ; what can he do but kill and possess?"

 From Rilke's

Letters to a young poet

"With nothing can one approach a work of art so little as with critical words: they always come down to more or less happy misunderstandings.
Things are not all so comprehensible and expressible as one would mostly have us believe: most events are inexpressible, taking place in a realm which no word has ever entered and more inexpressible than all else are works of art, mysterious existences, the life of which while ours passes away, endures"

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