Friday, 18 May 2012

the beginning of the ends

'end of ends' opens tonight at Bend in the River's x-church space in Gainsborough. Its a weird piece of work and of course it's still growing all the time. It's VERY physical. Neil's been working through nights to flesh the sound out and then strip it back again and the sound, indeed the space, is immense. The potential too seems immense. I don't mean that in any sense of  careerist potential as an art work,( that's a totally different thread ) but as force of potential in itself. That's what's so odd in that there is a direct (inverted) correlation between the fact that the more it mines the sense of things closing down, winding up and finishing the more it opens up the possibilities (  as idea ) of new forms, new forms of anything and everything. Its a curious thing.  I think it might be sad, hopeful, funny, detached and terrifying in equal measure.

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