Saturday, 17 March 2012

What am I doing?

Am I doing what?


  1. Love the drawings, Steve, esp. 'Zombie'.

    You have me thinking playfully: Montaigne the Mountain (Man) > Yeti > The last Yeti; or not Yet(i).

    To prove discovery of a previously unknown species, an ornithologist kills and preserves a specimen... but what if it's the last breeding male/female of the species (this could well not be known at time of discovery). The beginning of a new thread of ornothological knowledge might then be contingent on the destruction of the objects to which the knowledge pertains; knowledge destroying, piecemeal, the world in which it holds sway.

    Andrew Stones

    1. That's wonderful Andrew. Thanks for that. Its what the research culture is all about in art schools, god help us.